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Just who ARE you, anyway?

Hi, I'm Nate! I'm an independent graphic artist, illustrator and webcomic creator from Walnut Grove Missouri. I've been a freelance artist since 2006, with a variety of clients, with projects that range from logo and identity packages, menu design and layouts, wedding invitations, album art and layouts, and event posters. As an illustrator, my skills have been commissioned for projects ranging from character design and concept art, to fan art, pinups, caricatures and cartooning. I am also the creator, artist, writer, and website designer / manager of an independent web-based comic strip called Potbelly Mammoth,posted weekly, at This"webcomic" was a personal project I started in January of 2014 to hone my skills in graphic design and illustration, but also my skills in web-design, with a weekly deadline

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